#21Lives, Medical Second Opinion

The miracle of a second opinion

#21Lives, Warren Bonn, is a 28-year old IT specialist who was diagnosed with a very rare condition called arteriovenous malformation (AVM) of the tongue in 2015. His tongue became so swollen he could barely speak, eat or close his mouth. Consequently, he spent hundreds of thousands of rand over 2 years, visiting 72 doctors, specialists and surgeons around the country to try and find more answers about his painful condition.

He repeatedly received the same terrifying treatment plan, to remove his tongue and attempt to build a new one using tissue from his forearm. The new tongue would not function normally and he would never be able to eat solid foods again. What’s more, his speech would be permanently impaired.

He continued to do research on his condition and he eventually came across a service that provides a world class second opinion from leading medical professionals in the world. At a cost of R10 000, he was able to get good news from Professor Berenstein, a New York-based neurosurgeon, who gave Warren the answers he was looking for – a non-invasive treatment plan that allowed him to keep his tongue. In April 2017, Warren underwent one of the six $50 000 procedures in New York, and felt immediate relief.

Its stories like Warren’s that inspired us at FMI to find a way to ensure our policyholders get access to the best medical answers, fast, so that they don’t have to spend thousands of rand on finding the answers they’re searing for.

In a first for the South African market, we have partnered with Mediguide to bring the Medical Second Opinion service to all new FMI Individual policyholders for FREE.

The Medical Second Opinion service provides an independent review of your diagnosis and treatment plan from a choice of over 100 leading medical centres around the world. This gives you the peace of mind that you have all the information you need to make critical decisions about your health. A Harvard study found that doctors performing Medical Second Opinions enhanced the original treatment plan by up to 90% of the time.