We believe there's a better way to do life insurance

Life insurance benefits should protect your greatest asset – your income.

You have big dreams for the future and you work hard every day to create a secure, happy lifestyle for your family. Have you ever stopped to think what would happen if there was an interruption to your income? How long could you and your family survive without an income? How would that affect your life today and in the future?

You need a combination of income and lump sum benefits.

That is why our flagship product, FMI Individual includes Disability, Critical Illness and Life cover, with a choice of lump sum and income benefits accross all 3 risk events...

Income benefits - ideally suited to meet monthly expenses like groceries, electricity and education.

Lump Sum benefits - perfect to allow for any once-off expenses like estate duty and to settle large debts.

Monthly income benefits are a better way to protect your income.

This belief is core to everything we do at FMI. In the past, the rule of thumb for the insurance industry has been to offer mainly lump sum benefits - especially for Critical Illness and Life cover. While pay-outs from lump sum benefits are perfect to settle large debts or pay for once-off expenses, we just don't believe that they should be used to provide an income.

Income benefits are easier to understand and plan for because they mimic the income stream you are trying to replace. They remove a number of risks that go with a large sum of money:

You don't need to figure out what lump sum is required to provide a future income (planning risk)

You don't need to worry about investing a large sum of money, and the future impact of inflation (investment and inflation risks)

You don't need to worry about running out of money before you die (longevity risk)

You will not be tempted to spend your lump sum payout on expensive cars and luxury holidays, leaving you nothing to pay the bills (behaviour risk)

Everybody should be able to protect their income - no matter what you do for a living.

Whether you're an accountant or a scuba-diver, everyone should be able to protect their income. But no two people are alike - we are all individuals.That's why insurance products should give you the flexibility to tailor make it to your specific requirements.

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Why do you need to protect your monthly income?

You are worth much more
than you realise.

Consider the value of your total future income until retirement.

Let’s say you’re a 30 year old, earning
R30 000 per month, which will grow at 6% every year. What is the value of the income you will earn before you retire at 65?

More than R40 million!

* 2015 FMI Claim Stats

7/10 people will have at least one disability in their lifetime

that will prevent them from earning an income.

You are more likely to experience a disability during your working career than you think.

* 2015 FMI Claim Stats

How long could you and your family survive without your income?

62% of South Africans are behind on their debt payments, which means even a temporary break in your income could have devastating long-term consequences.

76% of all our disability claims last less than 90 days! Could you survive for 3 months without your income?

* 2015 FMI Claim Stats

Find out the value of your future income!

The value of your total future income is:
R 0

The FMI story

1995: FMI pioneered income protection for the self-employed, at a time when the industry offered it only to professionals.

With more than half a billion rand in claims paid to date, we’ve been able to help our clients when they’ve needed us most!

2016: We remain committed to creating products that protect you and your family from the risk of not being able to earn an income. For more than 21 years we are proud to have supported our clients as they live out their plans and dreams, because behind every claim is a real person with a family and a business. It’s their stories that inspire us to keep improving.

We are Proudly Bidvest, and a division of Bidvest Life

FMI is now part of the broader Bidvest Group Limited, one of the largest companies on the JSE. This allows us to take advantage of the economic efficiencies and opportunities that come with being part of a large group, especially one like Bidvest, while still retaining our entrepreneurial spirit that we hold at FMI.

As of March 2017, we have our own Life Insurance license through Bidvest Life. This means that we’re not only Proudly Bidvest and a member of the vast Bidvest family, but are also a Division of Bidvest Life Limited. Prior to Bidvest Life, FMI operated off the Guardrisk Life Insurance license, and our clients that have taken policies with us before March 2017 will continue to have their policies insured by Guardrisk Life.

Reinsurance Group America (RGA)

RGA is our preferred reinsurance partner. With life reinsurance in force of 3 trillion dollars globally, our clients take comfort in knowing that our claims paying ability is also backed by the financial strength of a global reinsurance business.

The best of both worlds

This combination ensures you receive personal service and a cutting edge product, whilst feeling safe in the knowledge that we will always have the financial strength to pay your claims.