FMI Supports Breast Cancer Awareness

We held a ladies’ breakfast for our staff in support of Breast Cancer Awareness month on the 3rd of October at our offices. FMI policyholder and breast cancer survivor, Denise Williams, and her financial adviser, Jane Engelbrecht, were invited as special guests.

Denise shared her breast cancer journey with staff through an open and informative talk. 2016 started out as an incredible year for Denise – the news of her daughter’s miracle pregnancy, two overseas holidays and her 60th birthday celebration. Her granddaughter was born later that year, in August, and in the same week, Denise received the earth-shattering diagnosis that she had breast cancer. But her relentless spirit led to her decision to fight the disease with positivity and to aid herself with knowledge.

Denise’s FMI policy allowed her to receive income payments despite working throughout her treatment and afforded her the opportunity to tackle cancer head on with the best medical advice, lifestyle adjustments and freedom from financial stress. She underwent 3 months of chemotherapy and radiation. The aggressive treatment coupled with her healthy diet and lifestyle led her being declared cancer free just 6 months after her treatment began.

Denise is determined to see her grandchild turn 21 and get married and says she has a new lease on life with her changed lifestyle and diet. A true inspiration to all cancer survivors!

Earlier this year, Denise took part in our #21Lives campaign, which tells her story through an inspiring short film. Hers is one of 21 short documentaries that highlight the importance of protecting your greatest asset – your ability to earn an income – and shows the valuable role of the adviser in the process.

The Pink Drive also attended the FMI breakfast and shared valuable information about how to conduct monthly breast self-examinations and the importance of early detection and prevention. More information about the amazing work that The Pink Drive does can be found on their website

For more information about our Critical Illness benefit, go to http://fmi.co.za/GetInformed/CICampaign