A unique approach to insurance for life

In 1995, we pioneered income protection at a time when the industry only offered cover to professionals. Today, as part of the Bidvest Group, we are poised for considerable future growth and innovation.

We have a unique approach when it comes to life insurance. We believe your greatest asset is your ability to earn an income, and that all insurance benefits should be designed to protect this. The best way to protect your monthly income is by ensuring that the insurance product you choose pays a combination of lump sum and monthly income benefits, and that you are not just covered for possible permanent risks, like death or disability, but also for temporary injury or illness. At FMI, we celebrate paying claims, because we see it as an opportunity to deliver on our brand promise and to support our clients’ plans and dreams, both now and in their future.

When FMI turned 21 last year, we thought, what better way to mark the occasion than by personally visiting some of our policyholders that we’ve supported over the years. So, we split into 21 staff teams and set off across the country in our newest member of staff – a red vintage Kombi, fondly named Gus The Bus – to visit 21 inspiring policyholders who have had claims over the past 21 years. Each of our staff teams captured their stories in 21 short documentary films, and it was a truly incredible experience for all of us.

There’s a general mistrust of the insurance industry, and people often find the whole process quite intimidating, with complicated product offerings and processes that are sometimes difficult to understand. We need to work together as an industry to change this perception by simplifying the advice process and humanising insurance. At FMI we can do our part in changing this perception through sharing these powerful real-life stories with our financial advisers and the public. The stories resonate with any working individual, and help raise the awareness of the need for income cover.

We have an empathetic and authentic approach to doing business. The fact that we deeply care about people forms the foundation for everything we do, and it’s people’s real-life stories that drive us to continually improve our products, and the lens by which we develop new ones to meet their needs.

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