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A fresh approach to
Critical Illness cover
Inspired by real people, who've fought
the battle of serious illness
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Backed by the boys in blue!
You may have seen in the press that FMI has been bought by Bidvest! With the strength of the Bidvest Insurance Group behind us we'll be able to bring our plans for better life insurance into action quicker than we could before!

Your ability to earn an income is your greatest asset – you should protect it!

You have dreams and aspirations and you work hard to create a secure, happy lifestyle for your family – all this depends on your income.

If you become sick, disabled, or die your monthly expenses won’t stop and your debts won’t go away.

It’s a harsh reality: often we only think about insuring expenses such as medical bills, but what about the months that you wouldn’t be able to generate an income?
This is why you need to protect your ability to earn an income against Temporary Disability, Long-term Disability and Death.

Why do you need Income Protection?

You are worth much more
than you realise.

Consider the value of your total future income until retirement.

Let’s say you’re a 30 year old, earning
R30 000 per month, which will grow at 6% every year. What is the value of the income you will earn before you retire at 65?

More than R40 million!

7/10 people will have at least one disability in their lifetime

that will prevent them from earning an income.

You are more likely to experience a disability during your working career than you think.

How long could you and your family survive without your income?

62% of South Africans are behind on their debt payments, which means even a temporary break in your income could have devastating long-term consequences.

76% of all our disability claims last less than 90 days! Could you survive for 3 months without your income?

Find out the value of your future income!

The value of your total future income is:
R 0

How we protect your income

Our products are designed to protect you from the risk of not being able to earn an income due to Temporary Disability, Long-term Disability, and Death.
FMI Individual, our flagship product, allows you to remove the risk of losing your income when you get sick, become injured or die.

Our product philosophy is based on 4 main principles

1. Protecting your ability to earn an income should be the foundation of your financial plan.

That’s why we’ve designed our benefits around 3 key risk events: Temporary Disability, Long-term Disability, and Death.

2. Every plan should start with protecting yourself against Temporary Disability.

Temporary disability is the most likely risk event to happen during your working career.

76% of all our disability claims have been for less than 90 days. These are everyday events that would prevent you from earning an income, with serious long-term consequences for you and your family.

3. You need more Disability
cover than Life cover.

If you die, only your family’s needs have to be considered...

However, if you are disabled, you need to provide for yourself AND your family!

4. You need a combination of Income and Lump Sum benefits for Long-term Disability and
Life cover

Choose the combination of these that is right for YOU and your family – one size does not fit all.

Income Benefits are ideally suited to meet your monthly expenses such as groceries, education, and insurance premiums.

Lump Sum pay-outs are perfect for paying off your long-term debts, like a bond, and for any once-off expenses such as estate duty.

That's why income protection should be the foundation of every financial plan.

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What makes us different?

With FMI, you can choose to protect up to 100% of your income against disability – until retirement!

Most products on the market limit you to 75% after 24 months.

You can choose to have your claim paid after waiting 7, 14, 30 or 90 days - or a combination of these

Most products make you choose just one waiting period and do not offer all the same options.

You can protect your income against temporary disability up to the age of 75

This is unique! People are living longer, healthier lives and not everyone wants to stop working at 65.

We cover more occupations than anyone else!

Our Defined Event Income benefits are a first in the market - offering income protection to more than 250 previously uninsurable occupations.

We offer a unique suite of Life Income benefits

This allows you to choose how much income you would like to leave each of your dependants, and for how long!

You can increase the term of your policy by 5 years if you need to work longer

Because very few of us can afford to retire at the age we initially planned.

You can increase your cover by up to 30% every year – even if you have claimed before

Essential feature for anyone whose income isn’t guaranteed to grow neatly by inflation every year.

Use our Change in Circumstances option to increase your cover by up to 25% for life-changing events

We know that your circumstances change over time. Getting married, having a baby or buying a house are all exciting events which increase your need for income protection!

Our Future Income Protector benefit allows you to increase your cover by up to 300% over time

This is perfect for anyone expecting a rapid growth in income – like young professionals or new businesses.

You have a better chance of getting your claim paid with FMI

We have the most comprehensive claims assessment criteria in the market. With over 20 years’ experience, specializing in disability claims, we are proud to boast a claims pay-out ratio in excess of 95%.

You will receive the highest possible pay-out

We will not reduce your claim pay-out by any other income you earn – NO AGGREGATION for at least the first 12 months.

If you can still do some of your job, YOU can choose to be paid out on a “loss of income” or “% disabled” basis.

Your claim will be paid quickly and easily

We have identified 197 defined events which qualify for Fast Track assessment – meaning fewer medical requirements and pay-out within 48 hours. You’ll also have a dedicated case manager assisting you through the claims process!

The FMI story

FMI was the pioneer of income protection for the self-employed, at a time when the industry offered it only to professionals.
More than half a billion rand in claims paid to date. We’ve been able to help our clients when they’ve needed us most!
20 years later, and we’re still committed to creating products that protect you and your family from the risk of not being able to earn an income.

Financial strength from top-notch, specialist business partners

We’re a registered Financial Services Provider with an Underwriting Manager contract from Guardrisk Life. While we’re responsible for the design, promotion, and administration of our products, we too rely on specialists.

Who is Guardrisk Life? A specialist provider of Life Insurance license capacity to Underwriting managers. This means we operate using their license rather than having our own and, in doing so, benefit from their excellent financial credentials.

Reinsurance Group America (RGA) is our preferred reinsurance partner. With life reinsurance in force of 3 trillion dollars globally, our clients take comfort in knowing that our claims paying ability is also backed by the financial strength of a global reinsurance business.

The best of both worlds

This combination ensures you receive personal service and a cutting edge product, whilst feeling safe in the knowledge that we will always have the financial strength to pay your claims.

What we’re most proud about is that we’ve been able to support our clients as they live out their plans and dreams. Behind every claim we’ve paid are real people, with families and businesses, which we’ve been able to support when they’ve needed it most.