Our Houseview Philosophy

At FMI, our philosophy is simple – insure 100% of your monthly income and use lump sum benefits for those additional expenses.

Your life insurance should pay you a monthly income should you experience an injury, illness or pass away. Our flagship product, FMI Individual, does just that – it enables brave, hard-working people to continue to do life better, no matter what life may throw at them.

Our Houseview Model

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Disability Cover

Income Benefits

Long and short term. Replace 100% of your monthly income in the event of any injury or illness.

Lump Sum Benefits

Provides for once-off expenses associated with adjusting to and living with a disability.


Illness Cover

Critical Illness Cover

Income Benefits

Replaces 130% of your income, allowing for extra monthly expenses that come from coping with a critical illness.

Lump Sum Benefits

Provides for extra expenses that come with treating a critical illness.



Life Cover

Income Benefits

Pays your dependants an income if you pass away.

Lump Sum Benefits

Settles your debts and provides for any immediate expenses that your loved ones may face, such as estate duty or the cost of a funeral.

First things first, protect your income

Why income benefits best suit your financial needs.

While lump sum payouts are perfect to settle large debts or to pay for once-off expenses, income benefits are better suited to ensure you have enough to cover monthly expenses.

Our income cover is designed to remove the risks inherent in a lump sum payout:

  • doneYou don't need to figure out the lump sum amount that is required to provide a future income
  • doneYou don't need to worry about investing a large sum of money and calculating the tax implications of investment returns
  • doneYou don’t need to worry about the impact of inflation or running out of money before you pass away
  • doneYou will not be tempted to spend your lump sum payout on expensive cars and luxury holidays, leaving you with nothing to pay the bills
  • doneIncome benefit premiums are typically more cost effective than buying insurance for the Lump Sum equivalent

We cover a comprehensive range of occupations.

We believe that all South Africans should be able to protect their income, whether you’re self-employed or salaried, a commission-earner or business owner.

Our Event Based disability benefit offers cover to over 250 additional occupations that couldn’t get traditional income protection before.

Future Insurability

We believe that when your life changes, your insurance should too.

FMI Individual allows you to increase or decrease your cover in the future without any further underwriting, even if your health has changed or if you’ve already claimed.

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Protecting your future dreams and ambitions

The most important consideration when choosing an insurance policy is that it will pay out when you need it.

When purchasing insurance, it’s important to know that when it comes time to claim, you’ll be paid. At FMI, we have designed our products and processes to assess and pay claims with speed and empathy.

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