Protect 100% of your client's monthly income first and use lump sum cover for additional expenses.

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Temporary Injury, Illness

Income Benefits

Long and short term. Replace 100% of your monthly income in the event of any injury or illness. Long and short term. Replace 100%.

Lump Sum Benefits

Long and short term. Replace 100% of your monthly income in the event of any injury or illness. Long and short term. Replace 100%.


Critical Illness

Critical Illness Cover

Income Benefits

Replaces 130% of your income, allowing for extra monthly expenses that come from coping with a critical illness.

Lump Sum Benefits

Provides for extra expenses that come with treating a critical illness.



Life Cover

Income Benefits

Pays your dependants an income if you pass away.

Lump Sum Benefits

Settles your debts and provides for any immediate expenses that your loved ones may face, such as estate duty or the cost of a funeral.

10 Reasons to work with FMI

#1 100% income protection

Protect 100% of your clients’ income against the risks of disability, critical illness or death and select from a choice of lump sum benefits to allow for any additional expenses.

#2 Committed to paying claims

We offer the most comprehensive claims criteria in the market which is backed by a track record of claims excellence to give you and your clients peace of mind.

#3 Unique sales opportunities

Benefits such as Critical Illness Income and Life Income allow you to structure solutions to a unique set of sales opportunities for your clients.

#4 Flexible service model

Select the service model that suits you best – a face to face or telephonic relationship with an FMI business developer.

#5 Less paperwork and risk

Our tele-underwriting removes paperwork and non-disclosure risk for you.

#6 Simple online applications

You can use our digital application process online – no paperwork required.

#7 Professional personal service

We believe in personal service – you have access to chat to a professional, friendly underwriter or claims assessor.

#8 Dedicated support

One point of contact through a dedicated Business Support Consultant - personalised support for all your servicing requirements.

#9 Track your commission

Commission is paid quickly and everything is trackable on your adviser dashboard or mobile app.

#10 Tailored client solution

Our product is modular and flexible allowing you to tailor a solution to each of your clients’ with our unique benefits.

How does FMI make life better for your clients?

Simplifies planning and
reduces risk

Our HouseView approach to risk
cover is more efficient, saving your
clients money on premiums

Market-leading future

Shorter waiting periods
and longer retirement ages

We cover an extensive range
of occupations - many of which can’t
get cover with other insures

Quick and hassle-free,
claims process

Real Stories

Damian Business Owner, Plumber, 28
Yvonne Self-employed, Hair Stylist, 44
Allan Business Owner, Farmer, 60
Monde Actuarial Scientist, 26

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