Our Critical Illness cover is inspired by brave people and their families who've fought battles against serious illnesses.

We spoke to Mandy and many others like her, who have all helped us better understand the real needs of individuals going through a critical illness, such as cancer.

Did you know:

While other insurers mainly offer once-off pay-outs, we offer a guaranteed* monthly income stream – giving you the stability you need during a difficult time, and a lump sum for those unforeseen medical expenses not covered by medical aid.

*This benefit will pay out for any SCIDEP critical illness event or any other event with a 100% payout in our Critical Illness table for the CI Lump Sum benefit.

We’ve recognised 6 needs that our clients face when confronted with a critical illness.

#1 A second opinion

to be sure that the diagnosis is correct and you have the best possible treatment plan.

#2 Cover for additional expenses

associated with your diagnosis and adjustments to living with a critical illness.

#3 A monthly income

to take care of your monthly expenses.

#4 Cover for extra monthly costs

that come from living with and adjusting to a serious illness.

#5 Counselling

to help the entire family cope with the trauma and stress.

#6 Logistical/household support

because day-to-day responsibilities don't stop when you are sick.

Benefit Structure

Covering all your needs with our 4-part benefit structure.


Critical Illness Income Benefit

Replaces 130% of your monthly income for 12 months cover your salary and any additional monthly expenses that arise when coping with a critical illness.


Medical Second Opinion

In partnership with MediGuide, this service provides an independent review of your diagnosis and treatment plan from a choice of leading medical centres around the world.


CI Assist

A suite of benefits to the value of R50 000 that helps you and your family cope with the emotional toll and day-to-day stresses when dealing with a critical illness.

Marius Coetzee

Cancer fighter and friend of FMI

Meet Marius, a financial adviser, cancer fighter and friend of FMI. It’s Marius’ experience and the stories of people like him that inspired us to take a fresh approach to Critical Illness cover.

Sue West

One of FMI’s business developer rockstars.

Meet Sue, one of FMI’s business developer rock stars. It’s through Sue’s cancer claim that we identified gaps in our Critical Illness cover when her heart attack struck, inspiring us to reinvent it.

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