About FMI

At FMI, we back the entrepreneurs, the professionals, the home-makers and the breadwinners.

We pioneered income protection for the self-employed, non-professionals and many un-insurable occupations. We exist to protect individuals who are in pursuit of their dreams and ambitions – stepping in when life is affected by an injury, illness or death – by providing you with a monthly income when you’re unable to work.

Our FMI Values


We are persistent and daring. Pushing boundaries and changing rules to achieve the remarkable.


We are compassionate and caring. People and their passions are at the heart of what we do.


We are reliable and relentless. Determined to create customer solutions that set an industry benchmark.

Our History

22 years of protecting brave South African’s.


We Pioneered Income Protection.

We pioneered income protection for the self-employed, at a time when the industry only offered cover to professionals.


We Introduced Life Cover.

We introduced Life cover designed to allow your loved ones to mourn your passing without having to worry about how they’ll cover their monthly expenses going forward. At FMI, we believe our unique cover of income benefits for monthly stability and a lump sum benefit for once-off extra expenses is the ideal solution to ensure that your loved ones are taken care of.


We Introduced Cover for Previously Un-insurable Occupations.

We believe that all South Africans should be able to protect their income, no matter what they do for a living. With our Individual Events Based Cover, we can protect the dreams and ambitions of over 250 additional occupations within the South African market.


We Introduced Critical Illness Cover.

It’s listening to real people’s life stories that inspires and helps us to continually improve our products and to develop new ones to meet those individual needs. With our Critical Illness cover, we allow you to fully focus on your recovery while we ensure that everything else continues as normal by offering a suite of benefits – from personal and family care, to medical care.


Became a division of Bidvest Life Limited.

FMI is backed by Bidvest Life Limited, which allows us to take advantage of the economic efficiencies and opportunities that come with being part of a large group, especially one like Bidvest, while still retaining our entrepreneurial spirit.


Today & into the Future

We remain committed to creating products that protect you and your family from the risk of not being able to earn an income. Our personalised service goes above and beyond. We celebrate paying claims because we see it as an opportunity to deliver on our promise and to support your plans and dreams, both now and in the future.

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What we live by

FMI is the brand you want on your side. We’re brave enough to challenge the norms and go beyond industry boundaries, creative enough to innovate effectively – offering more than what our customers think possible – and compassionate enough to truly care.

Mediocrity is our greatest fear and revolutionising our industry is our passion. Exceptional service and caring for our customers is at the heart of what we do, and what we do is innovate, protect and succeed – exceptionally. We’re proud to offer products and services that can really improve your life and that of your family, while truly caring about the difference we can make.

Meet our staff

Wendy Nevin
We really do care about each other, our brokers, our clients, our partners.
Wendy Nevin, Executive PA to the CEO
Ernette Seyffer
FMI makes everybody feel like a SOMEBODY.
Ernette Seyffer, Business Developer
Phakamani Kumalo
FMI encourages out of the box thinking and innovative transformation. We do things extraordinary, with our unique approach in protecting your greatest asset.
Phakamani Kumalo, Business Support Consultant
Minanne Snyman
The best thing about working for FMI, are the people.
Minanne Snyman, Business Developer
Elmarie Samuel
We’re a mixed bag of personalities with common values – empathy, excellence and bravery are part of our DNA and we try to remain true to who we are in whatever we set out to do.
Elmarie Samuel, Product Specialist
Chané de Fortier
The culture at FMI is a trendy, fast-paced and very homely. From great managers to thought-provoking lunch breaks. FMI has an environment where we as individuals can thrive.
Chané de Fortier, Branding and Event Manager