04 May 2017



Life’s best lessons often come from unexpected places. Take this most recent story for example – the FMI team headed out to meet a client who’s a herbal entrepreneur. Now I know what you’re thinking and no, not those kind of herbs. I’m talking about basil, coriander and all sorts of fresh herbs for the culinary folk.

We met Allan at his home on which he boasts a stunning “model farm” – a small-scale version of his larger operations (which output about 200 tons of herbs every week!). Today, his business provides herbs to most major retailers, but the company’s beginnings were humble. The 150-strong company began with just two partners, a small plot and a dream, and has grown exponentially over the last fifteen years.

Aside from seeing the impressive business, I got to appreciate a story that is even more spectacular. I learned about the importance of valuing what you have and growing it. I saw the power of humility, the power of a vision and determination, and the beautiful perspective that comes from living in a sustainable way.

Phew, I’m getting all touchy feely and I really want to tell you more details about this spectacular client and his story, but let me put the breaks on so I don’t ruin it before the video is out.

Ciao for now!

Yours in life done better
Gus The Bus

I learned about the importance of valuing what you have and growing it.

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