02 May 2017



Today took an unexpected turn, but the result was nothing short of perfect. We went out to meet this client, but due to her being unwell, her daughter, whose also her business partner, stepped in to tell Marlene’s story on her behalf.

Without giving away too much, this claim story is a difficult pill to swallow, but is saved by the way things turned out. Beyond the backstory, I can tell you that what I saw in the flesh today was testament to the resilience of what a strong partnership can breed. I’ve always thought of mothers and daughters as a kind of team from birth, but this power duo have taken the relationship a step further. What this powerful partnership of family and business allows them to do is have each other’s backs no matter what life throws at them. In this outlook, I noticed a kind of parallel with how FMI treats its clients.

The cherry on top was the fact that our client’s daughter had become an FMI client herself, and we’d helped both her and her mom out of some tough financial situations in the past when they got sick and weren’t able to work.

It was an honour to witness such commitment in action. Johannesburg has proven itself as a place where there’s a story around every corner, and I can’t wait to find out what’s next!

Yours in life done better
Gus The Bus

What I saw in the flesh today was testament to the resilience that a strong partnership can breed.

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