FMI Group

A simple solution to cover all employees

FMI Group is available as a compulsory or voluntary scheme and can cover a staff complement as small as one member. FMI Group provides two levels of cover for different employee categories within a business, allowing members to have diverse benefits. However, all members within the same level have to select the same benefits and the same multiple of annual salary. For compulsory schemes, there is no minimum member number but for voluntary schemes, there is a minimum of five members per level.

Temporary Income Protection

  • Payable to the employer during the employee's temporary disability.
  • Pays the lesser of R25 000 or 100% of salary for maximum of 12 or 24 months.
  • Subject to a waiting period of 1 month.

Life Cover

  • Helps to ensure that in the event of death, the employee's family is financially able to maintain their lifestyle.
  • Paid to the member's nominated beneficiary.
  • Offers cover up to a maximum of 4 times gross annual income or R300 000, whichever is lesser.

Funeral Cover

  • Designed to provide for the costs associated with the funeral of the employee or the employee's loved one.
  • Members can cover up to 6 extended family members.
  • Four cover options.
  • Cover can be selected to R15 00 for the employee and their loved one.