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Investment and risk planning are inextricably linked.
Most investment plans are designed to provide an income post-retirement or to save towards a specific need whilst risk benefits protect your ability to earn the income in the first place. So, in a very real sense, both are about protecting your future income stream.
However, too often, we rely on yesterday’s assumptions for today’s financial planning.
Started Suntropica Farms with a business partner fifteen years ago. They started small but today their company is a major culinary herb supplier to retailers nationwide. Thanks to the type of cover he has in place with FMI, his business has continued to flourish and grow, despite his 7 injuries and surgeries.

Why Income Protection should be part of your retirement planning

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It’s stories like these that inspire us to keep improving.
Watch some of our client stories here:
Donald Jarratt
runs and owns Austral Marine in Durban, where he crafts and builds angler boats. At 70, he is still so passionate about his business and doesn’t want to retire.
Kendyl Mcpherson
is a self-employed make-up artist with a bright future ahead of her. As an FMI policyholder and claimant, she knows first-hand how important it is to protect your income.
Rachel Liebetrau
supports her family of four while her husband has gone back to study, so he she understands how critical it is to have a policy that protects her monthly income.