A Harvard study found that doctors performing Medical Second Opinions enhanced the original treatment plan up to 90% of the time.

Medical Second Opinion - FREE for all new FMI Individual policyholders!

We know that when facing a serious medical condition you can feel completely overwhelmed, especially at a time when you need to make key decisions about your condition. At this crucial stage, you and your doctor want to be certain that you’re considering every available option. In an age of unprecedented worldwide research, where announcements of major advances in medical diagnosis and treatment of disease are a regular occurrence, this is more difficult than ever before.

That’s why we have partnered with Mediguide to bring the Medical Second Opinion service to all future FMI Individual policyholders. This service provides an independent review of your diagnosis and treatment plan from a choice of more than 107 leading medical centres around the world.

In a first for the South African market, this will be included at no extra charge.

How does it work? Let’s go through the 6 easy steps:

If you’re diagnosed with a serious medical condition, contact FMI straightaway
We will put you in touch with Mediguide’s local service centre who will initiate the Medical Second Opinion service.
You will need to consent to the release of your medical records before your doctor can prepare them for Mediguide.
Mediguide will then recommend 3 medical centres with expertise in your condition.
You and your doctor will then choose which centre you wish to use from the list of 3 provided.
You and your doctor will receive a written review of the original diagnosis and proposed treatment plan from your selected medical centre within 10 working days.

A week later you’ll receive your Mediguide Casebook which includes:

  • Your medical records.
  • Second opinion findings.
  • Extra information about the medical centre and physicians who provided the second opinion.
  • Copies of medical journal articles.

Second Opinion Family Option

All new FMI policyholders will get this incredible benefit for free, but for just R10 extra pm you can have access to Medical Second Opinion for your whole family!