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2015 FMI Claims Stats Reports

Part1: It can happen to you…and more than once!
The importance of Temporary Income Protection.


Part 2: Will your income protection claim be paid?
You have the best chance of getting your claim paid with FMI.


Part 3: How long could you survive without an income?
The importance of choosing the right waiting period.


Part 4: Low likelihood, high impact!
The risk and impact of a long-term disability.


In 2015, FMI paid claims to policyholders with an annual income of more than R200 million, for Temporary Income Protection alone!

1/17 of our policyholders had a temporary income protection claim in 2015.

15% of our claims were from
policyholders in their 1st year of cover.

7/10 people will have at least one disability in their lifetime that will prevent them from earning an income.

You are 9 x more likely to have a temporary disability than to have your car stolen or hi-jacked in SA.

We live in a country where crime is a day to day reality.

Most of us do the sensible thing and insure our most important assets – like our car.

But what about protecting your ability to earn an income?

What’s your most valuable asset?

Let’s put this into perspective

Your car vs. your future income

depending on
your car
for a 35 yr old
earning R40k pm
Income Protection is insurance
for your most valuable asset.

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