A fresh approach to
Critical Illness cover
Inspired by real people, who've fought and
survived the battle of serious illnesses

We believed there was a better way to do Critical Illness cover

The first product in the market that has an income and lump sum Critical Illness solution, plus practical assistance and an expert medical second opinion!

At FMI, we don't set out to fix things that aren't broken. But after 33 years of the same Critical Illness cover in the market that wasn't holistically meeting the needs of the situation, we decided it was time for a refresh.

In designing this solution we set out at ground zero; starting with lots of interviews and time spent with real people recovering from critical illnesses such as cancer, strokes and heart attacks.

Mandy Cremer, mother of 2 boys and wife to Mike, and breast cancer fighter, helped us unpack the 6 needs of someone going through a critical illness like cancer.

It's people like Mandy who inspired us to find a better solution for Critical Illness cover. We wanted to build a set of benefits that would take care of all needs - allowing them to focus entirely on getting better.

Marius Coetzee, financial adviser, cancer fighter and friend of FMI. For 21 years we've specialized in income protection claims - many of them for Critical Illnesses. It is this experience and the stories of people like Marius that inspired us take a fresh approach to Critical Illness cover.

Meet Sue , one of FMI’s business developer rockstars, with 30 years in the industry, and having the ‘best’ CI cover available to her, shows us how there were still gaps in her cover when her heart attack struck...

It’s because of stories like Sue’s that made us reinvent Critical Illness cover in order to meet all six needs, for recovery without stress. Sue’s story highlights how our Critical Illness Cover could play an important role in your recovery.

There were 6 key needs that each individual emphasised, this is what we found;


A second opinion to be sure that the diagnosis is correct and you have the best possible treatment plan.


Cover for medical expenses associated with your diagnosis and treatment, that are not paid for by medical aid.


A monthly income to take as much time off work as required.


Cover for extra monthly costs that come from living with and adjusting to a serious illness.


Counselling to help the entire family cope with the trauma and stress.


Logistical / household support because day-to-day responsibilities don't stop when you are sick.

What is the FMI solution?

The power of our Critical Illness solution lies in how all 4 benefits work together.

We offer a truly unique set of 4 critical illness benefits. This is the only solution in the market to meet all of the 6 needs, which means that our clients will only have to focus on getting better - we take care of the rest.

The problems with existing benefits in the market:

  • Critical Illness benefits in the market mostly offer lump sum pay-outs, even though not all needs are best met by a lump sum.
  • Income protection benefits replace your income when you can't work but don't adequately address the impact of intermittent treatment.
  • Income protection benefits are limited to 100% of your income and don't allow for extra monthly costs.
  • Insurance benefits seldom address the ‘softer' issues - the emotional toll that comes with the shock of diagnosis and the stress of coping with treatment.

The only Critical Illness solution in the market to offer a combination of monthly income & lump sum benefits

1. Critical Illness Lump Sum (CILS) benefit

Our CILS is as comprehensive as the best in the market and has all the choices and flexibility expected from a modern day CI benefit. In addition;

  • Our product is future-proofed with the addition of a unique Hospitalisation Expense benefit.
  • We've improved the breadth and quality of cancer cover.
  • You can receive early pay-outs based on diagnosis, where assessment periods usually apply.
  • We have developed a Hospitalisation Death benefit to reduce the impact of the survival period.

2. Critical Illness Income (CII) benefit

When combined with FMI's market-leading temporary income protection benefits, all SCIDEP conditions and any major CI events will pay 130% of your monthly sum insured for 12 months. The 12-month period has been specially designed to cater for treatment and recuperation while the extra 30% will cover the inevitable extra monthly expenses.

To meet all 6 needs of a Critical Illness, these benefits are automatically included:

3. Medical Second Opinion - FREE

In a first for the South African market, we have partnered with Mediguide to bring the Medical Second Opinion service to all future FMI Individual policyholders at no extra charge. This service provides an independent review of your diagnosis and treatment plan from a choice of leading medical centres around the world. This gives you the peace of mind that you have all the information you need to make critical decisions about your health.
Read more about MSO here

4. CI Assist - FREE

We've also automatically included a suite of benefits to the value of R50 000 to help you and your family with the emotional toll and the day-to-day stresses of coping with a critical illness.