Everyone is captivated by a good
story. They are what challenges
us, inspires us and propels action.
It’s a way of connecting with
people and sets the context of
what we can relate to.

Carolyn Hurwitz
"Having a critical illness
is a lonely place to be
because you are the only
person who can truly
understand what you are
going through."

Aged 51, Commission earner
Marcelle Jacobs
"I think that’s why he is
so perfect for me,
because he doesn’t look
at me differently."

Aged 26, Hairdresser
Braam Kritzinger
"I’ve got a special
relationship with every
staff member.
You’ve got two choices,
you can either get involved
in their personal life,
or not. I chose to know
when your dog is sick
so I know how to treat
you that day."

Aged 58, Business Owner
Pedro and Beryl

"The work we do brings the
patient back to a place
where they can walk into
a room and people don’t
stare at them.
They are accepted as anybody else."

Business Owners
Werner van Zweel
"Especially with this type
of disease you actually
never know what’s coming
from one day to the next."

Aged 48, Business Owner
Cornelia Welsch
"In vandag se lewe is ‘n
vrou saam met die man
‘n broodwenner."

Aged 51, Business Owner
Dr Robert Cole
"I think life is like a
deck of cards…
when you dealt a bad hand,
you can’t say I don’t want
to play anymore.
You must play,
you must go on."

Aged 57, Dentist
Alby van der Walt
"I could look after my staff.
I could pay my bills."

Aged 50, Farrier
Pat Koliasnikoff
"Maybe it’s my Russian
background, but I am a
And where there’s a will
there’s a way."

Aged 68, Aromatherapist
Denise Williams
"The first thing when you
get diagnosed with an
illness like this is
you worry financially."

Aged 61, Business owner
Damian Souchen
"My dad got me a bike
before I could walk.
The first thing I can
remember, we were always
on bikes."

Aged 28, Plumber
Yvonne Ritter
"Wow! Life is beautiful,
there are so many things
to be grateful for."

Aged 64, Hairstylist
Johan Schoeman
"Loving is one of the best
things you can do in life.
It’s so nice to just love
something. Fighting takes
a lot of energy and
it’s no good for anybody."

Aged 69, Financial adviser
Daniela Leigh
"You don’t get to call
yourself a motivational
speaker until you’ve
walked the walk through
tough circumstances yourself."

Aged 63, Estate agent
Warren Bonn
"You have to be happy with
what the doctors are
going to do. If not,
do some research, get
informed or get a
medical second opinion
until it sits right
with you."

Aged 28, Business owner
Anna-Marie Coetzee
"Op die einde van die
dag kon ons weer terug
ons vokus draai op die
boerdery toe soos ons
altyd wou."

Aged 47, Computer programmer
Allan Swanepoel
"I enjoy the business.
I enjoy making a living.
I enjoy employing a lot
of people and keeping
people employed"

Aged 60, Farmer
Marlene Beukes
"My future goals are to
be able to retire and
have a successful business
that my child can
eventually run."

Aged 42, Business owner
André Cronjé
"Being a business owner
plus a family man,
income is very important
to me to provide for
everybody and everything"

Aged 45, Financial adviser
Monde Simbosini
"I want to start my own
company sometime in the
future, when I have
acquired the skills
that I need."

Aged 26, Actuarial Scientist
The Learn Project
"Readers Make Leaders,
and with access to the
wealth of information
that books provide,
children can thrive
and a brighter future
can be seen ahead for
each individual learner."

Education NGO

At FMI, we protect people’s plans and dreams by providing an income when they are unable to work because of illness, injury or death. It’s listening to people’s real-life stories that inspire us and help us to continually improve our products and to develop new ones to meet individual needs.

In celebration of our 21st birthday, 21 FMI staff teams set out in our red vintage Kombi, fondly named Gus The Bus, on a journey across the country to capture the stories of 21 inspiring policyholders who we’ve paid claims to over the years. Ordinary people, with exceptional stories, who despite their curve ball in life, have gone on to do extra-ordinary things because we were able to step in and provide their income when they needed us most. Watch behind the scenes video.

Watch their stories here…